At Occhio, we understand design quality to be the aesthetics of the outer shape, the look and feel of the surfaces, the attention to detail in the design and, not least, the functionality in handling. A symbiosis that turns quality into an experience.

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We at Penta Light design and produce high-quality lamps, with a contemporary design which are 100% made in Italy. In the course of our history we have interpreted the ideas of sought-after and never predictable designers, transforming their vision into objects in which formal beauty meets functional utility.

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Manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures and lighting profiles for Indoor and outdoor

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Le Deun Luminaires is a company specialising in electronic lighting design with low energy consumption. Since 1997 light-emitting-diodes have been the main light- source for all our products and installations.
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DuranSobere luxe, in ton-sur-ton tinten, met een twinkeling! Duran Lighting & Interiors maakt sinds 1987 exclusieve lampenkappen, meubelen en accessoires, ambachtelijk vervaardigd met oog voor kwaliteit en detail.

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Adje Verhoeven is in zijn ontwerpen altijd op zoek naar de balans tussen vorm en transparantie. De Layer collectie is hiervan een voorbeeld waarbij de vorm een uitdaging aangaat met de zwaartekracht.

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A slender base hugs a bulbous form. An industrial motif softened by the gentle curves of handblown glass. The Oda series of table and floor lights reference the stilted forms of silos, furnaces and water towers of a bygone age. A warm glow brings this industrially charged aesthetic into a softer interior setting.

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Our products are tailored by artisans and hand-crafted in detail,
with the purpose of guaranteeing the highest quality in commerce.

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Frezoli Dealers 100x130

De Frezoli verlichting heeft een eigentijdse, stoere, ongepolijste uitstraling met een industrieel karakter uit vervlogen tijden.

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Authentage is Belgian design, 100% handmade and offers top quality. Timeless designs combine superior materials with the most optimal lighting technology.

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