Loft Interiors is an interior and design studio based in Amsterdam. The creative mastermind behind all the designs is Natascha Mom, who founded the company in 2009. The soul of Loft Interiors is echoed in a ‘true design for living’ approach. Elegant, bespoke elements and luxurious details are crafted together to make spaces sing. A fusion of rich elements and outstanding pieces create balanced interiors that are resolutely yours.

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Interior concepts

Loft Interiors collaborates closely with clients to compose pure, restful homes. Each project is as personalized as a piece of couture. We create total concepts, from 3D drawings to realizing the complete interior of your dreams. We initially use mood boards to identify each desired atmosphere. Natascha and her team will be able to walk you through every touch point of the project.

We aim to shape spaces with “timeless designs” on the highest level of expertise to your residence!



Creation with a personal touch to your interior design

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Mood boards, sketches, fabrics, colour palettes are a part of your interior design scheme.

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Furniture, lighting, fabrics, curtains, wall & floor covering, art

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At Loft Interiors, we design innovative spaces that are aligned with our clients’ personal preferences. The team consists of Natascha - interior composer, Patrick - Design & Operation, Rian - Sales & Styling, Barbara - Marketing & Office and Milly - Branding & Social Media.